Saturday, March 29, 2014

Post Coffee Troubles

So since I drank 2 cups of coffee, for the first time in life (ew, did I mention I never drink it, that I despise it???) I was up all night long.  Not going to the bathroom, just withdrawing from the caffeine overdose.  EW.  I woke up this morning (my "official" weigh in day since day 1) from what little sleep I did get, and my tummy was still rumbling.  Still is, actually.  But on the good news side, I lost 1.2 lbs, and I am SO happy.  So, that makes my total for the week 7.4 lbs from juicing.  And my total for the month of March (for now) 18.2 lbs.  I also measured today and I lost 2.75 inches since last Saturday.  So even though 7.4 lbs may not seem like a lot (hey, that IS over 1 lb a day you know lol)... I did lose inches and that is what counts.   I also took a fasting blood sugar this morning and it was 116.  Bet it would have been lower, had I slept better.  But its a good place to start.  I am going to do a fasting sugar every Saturday now, to see if my numbers go down.  I really want them to.  My goal is to wake up with a number, UNDER 100.  :)

I have a long long long trip today, so I need to go make some juice for my trip.  But overall I am happy with what I am seeing today.  I am sure things will look even better, with next weeks weigh in.  Wow, my stomach sure doesn't feel very good.  I need to investigate what is going on.

Will check in later.  :)

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