Sunday, March 23, 2014

Juicing Day 1

Today, March 23, is my first day of juicing.  I am going to do this one day at a time, and document everything I can.  I woke up and weighed in, and I lost another 1.9 lbs, in one day, just by doing juicing at night, salad and steamed veggies for lunch, and a fruit/veggie smoothie for breakfast (oh, and one mango at night too).  So that is a total of 12.6 lbs lost since March 1, and 3 inches total gone, since I measured on March 15, just by changing my eating habits.

I did promise my hubby that I wouldn't weigh in again until next Saturday, but I couldn't help but peek this morning.  So as of now, there is a sticky note on my scale that reminds me not to weigh in until my next weigh in date!  Dr. Fuhrman said the average on the Eat to Live program, is approx 20 lbs a month.  I can't imagine how much it will be, doing his juicing program.  I have GOT to remember not to get my hopes up.  My bestie keeps telling me it is only water weight.  Ugh I hope not.  I am not going to get down about this.  I am finally losing weight and I want to enjoy every single moment.

So as I said, I was traveling yesterday, all day long.  So I threw in the blender, a protien powder, water, ice, 2 handfulls of spinach, some blackberries and strawberries, and some flax meal.  It was about 16 to 18 ounces, and I drank on that while driving, until lunch time.  (I love that my omnivore daughter is having smoothies with me in the morning, even if she continues to eat her meat and carbs, I love that one meal a day will be a good heatlhy one!!!)  :)

It was hard to drive past all the signs for fast food and restaurants, billboards, and such.  But I just thought of my end goal... to be a healthier me.  When we stopped for lunch, we went into a STEAK house!  OMG there were deer, moose, and all sorts of dead animals hanging on the walls above our heads!!!  UGH!!!  I thought to myself, I will NEVER find something in here to eat.   So I found the salad part of the menu and even the basic salad had cheese and bacon bits, etc on it.  So I asked her if I could get a salad without all the mess on it, and then ordered a side of steamed veggies.  I got oil and vinegar dressing on the side.  So I lived on that and ice water, until I got home so I could eat properly.

I got home last night with all of my yummy produce, and had my friend talk me through my first juice "jug".  :)  I had a glass last night, and that is what I have been drinking today.  This won't be easy.  But seeing the weight come off for the first time in YEARS, I am absolutely determined!!!  I am still drinking my 16 oz from breakfast, so I will be having my second "snack" juice between dinner and bed, since I have already passed that timeframe.  When I travel I get super sleepy, so I did sleep in today, and didn't get started drinking my juice early enough.  Tomorrow will be back on schedule.  Below is a picture of inside my "jug".  What I am drinking today.  It doesn't look green, because I put in red cabbage, and that gave it a little more of a brownish color...  not pretty to look at, for sure.  So I drink it in a pretty coffee mug, so I don't have to look at it.   :)

Already I am looking at those plump strawberries and blackberries in the fridge and would love to take a bite.  But I can't.  Nope.  Not going to happen.

TMI, but have already had two bm's for the day.  And have been going pee non stop (I told you, TMI!!! lol but I am going to document everything, so...)  And it is just now noon!!!  Goodness, this one's gonna clean me out!  But I need it.  I NEED to reboot my system.

While laying in bed last night before dozing off, I did find a few of Joe's juicing recipes.  YUM!  I can't WAIT to try some of them!  :)  This will be fun.  I think today's is a little hard because this juice is WAY too lemony.  Bah.  I may make some other kind shortly so I can have a variety today, because I am having to really struggle to get down just 8 ounces.... It's not BAD... its just whoa pucker factor!  Won't make this mistake again.  I also will not be using as much fruit in future juices.  I do NOT want to get those stupid diabetes numbers back up!!!

Wow, well I tried to follow one of the recipes, and make my own version of a V8 for a snack.  Hmm... ended up adding 2 carrotts to mute it a bit.  It isn't even as red as the one in the example, on the recipe.  I think I am just addicted to the sodium-laden V8 out of a store bottle or can.  I mean it isn't bad... but it isn't the store bought kind for sure.  lol  Hmm, glad I didn't make a ton.  It will take time for me to understand just HOW to juice.  One day at a time.  :)

Woohooo!  I just purchased a new juicer.  The Omega J8005 Nutrition Center.  I am sooo excited.  It should be here on Thursday or Friday.  I am excited to have a juicer that removes all the pulp and leaves my pulp dry, not full of wasted juice.  Thanks so much to my friend Catherine... she is the best!!!

Well day one is complete.  I am not hungry.  But I don't feel "satisfied".  Does that make sense?  I did cave in ... ugh!  And ate eight blackberries, just because they were there and I wasn't going to juice them.  Oh well, I could have caved in and ate the delicious garlic bread that my hubby made earlier today.  MAN did that smell goooood!

I am looking up recipes for tomorrow right now.  I am going to try them in smaller portions, to see what I like and don't like.  I made Mean Green and it was WAY to celery tasting.  I love veggies... I guess this will just take some time.  I am super excited to see how the flavors change once I have a GOOD juicer. I bet it will make things taste better once I can get ALL of the liquid out of the items I am juicing.  :)


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