Monday, March 24, 2014

Juicing Day 2

Goooood morning!  It's an absolutely beautiful day outside.  Cold?  Yes.  But beautiful.  Would be perfect if the cold wind would die down a bit.  I feel great today!  During my research last night on juice recipes, I found out that I did NOT have enough juice or water yesterday.  I was seriously under my limit.  (and I drank a LOT).   So I ended up having a veggie salad with some guac on top, to finish off the day.  Hey, it was still veggies, right?  Today will be totally juicing, because  I know now just how much water and juice I am supposed to have throughout each day.  I.will.get.through.all.of.that.   :)

Anyway, I just made the most fantastic juice!  I went into it this morning, thinking I would "blend" my leafy veggies (since my current juicer is not that great for leafy veggies... oooh can't wait for the new one to arrive later this week!) and then juice my fruits and thicker veggies.  But my research last night paid off.  This morning I made a Carrot, Apple Ginger juice.  Its made of 3 large carrots, 2 small red apples, and 1 inch of ginger.  Isn't it pretty?

This is the first juice that I have made, that I actually know I will make again and again.  It will be my go-to breakfast juice until I find something else I like.  I am in heaven!  Another thing I found out I can do is to buy unsalted organic sunflower seeds... get them moist (not soaked!!!) and put them in the sun.  They will sprout, and guess what?  Then we can reap the benefits of the sunflower sprouts in our salads, or in our juicing.  I am so going to get some today and get started.  I will update you on the process once I get started. 

My next juice I had today, before and into lunch time, is the Summer Green Juice.  It is great!  I think I just had to get used to the taste yesterday because I can't believe 2 in a row, I like!!!  lol  I am leaving for about 4 hours and don't have time to make any more so I am taking a gallon of water with me to drink when this runs out.  :)

This juice was tasty.  I am not getting my water in though.  I think it is going to be a struggle to drink all the necessary water for the day.  Hmm... maybe because I am drinking my meals, that is why I don't want to drink water.  I don't know.  Will figure it out.  Tried another juice when I got home.... isn't it pretty?

May be pretty, but it tasted like dirt.  I found that beets are just not my thing.  lol Well I bought at least a dozen of them, sooo... I will have to figure a way to use them.  I guess I was expecting them to taste like the ones in the cans... you know, the sodium-laden ones?  So I had to figure another route... I added some other items and ended up with this "not so pretty, but tastes better than it did", juice. :)

Juicing, I am finding is completely trial and error.  What may look scrmptious in a  recipe picture, may end up tasting really bad, according to your taste prefrences.  But even though this looks bad, it really isn't.  It's very earthy, but I can get through it.  :)  How am I feeling.  Really well actually, for day 2.5.  I don't have the urge to eat.  I know tomorrow may be a not-so-good day... but I am hoping for the best.  Today I have energy and have even gotten compliments on my "brightness" lol (seriously?)  I am happy about that.  AND I know, I know, I am not supposed to weigh in, but I did, and I have lost 14.2 lbs to date.  I am NOT going to weigh in tomorrow... lol ok, I am going to TRY not to weigh in tomorrow.  lol  I may not if I feel funky.  We shall see.

Well I am off for the night, unless something worth writing about happens.  Supposed to get an inch or more of snow tonight *sigh*, but am crossing my fingers we don't get any!!!  


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