Thursday, June 3, 2010

Initial planning~

First of all my goals are many. Here are my top 10:

1.) I want to feel better inside and out.
2.) I want to look better.
3.) I am going on my honeymoon in December (of this year).
4.) I want to be a good role model for my children.
5.) I want to be able to RUN several races.
6.) I
7.) I want to continue cooking raw and eating healthy.
8.) I would love to become vegetarian again some day, at least partial.
9.) I want to pass on good habits such as eating raw and healthy foods, to my family.
10.) I want to be an inspiration to others.

I am sure I will add more, as I go on with my progress. But as of right now, I just want to get started and start showing signs of improvement.

Well it is now June. My honeymoon is coming up in December, and I have GOT to make a change. I have recently started an herb garden and have started cooking raw, and it is nice. So since it is now the beginning of June, I am going to use this month as my "April 1st" and just go for it. No more junk food, lots of protein, very few carbs. But I can say this, I will not cut out any particular food, because it makes it too hard on anyone when there is an absolute of anything.

I am going to learn new detox recipes, and continue cooking healthy meals and snacks. I have all summer to really buckle down and work hard. I am going to school Monday through Thursday, and I will be going to the gym every day afterwards. So that will give me a permanent start for at least the months of June, July and the beginning of August. Then the 3rd wk in August I will begin going to 2 classes a day Monday through Thursday. Once again I will be going to the gym after class, since I will be up there anyway.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fibrocystic Contition

I have my mammogram set for June 7, 2010. I am nervous yet excited to get it done. I have that fibroycystic breast condition (glad they don't call it disease anymore) and it is quite uncomfortable and I have yet again found several lumps. I am not concerned about them, but then again, any time you find a lump, it can make you quite nervous. So I will be glad to get this painful procedure over with. No, normally mamos aren't that painful. But with fibroycystic condition, it is a VERY painful procedure.

Anyway, still trucking along with my 225mcg Synthroid. Have started eating healthy.  So far not many changes can be felt. I am still quite tired all the time, but the breathing has really started to improve. I don't get out of breath like I used to just walking across the room when I was on the T3. So glad for that.

Hitting a sinking spell, so I am off to take a nap. Will update more later.

To be continued...