Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5 update

Well 8 weeks ago, my endo upped my synthroid to 225. In the 8 weeks that I waited to see him, I worked my butt off at the gym, a minimum of 4-5 days a week, sometimes more. I never stepped on the scale, I wanted it to be a surprise to me when I got to his office.

Well I went about a week ago, and only lost 5 lbs. BLAH! 5 lbs in 6 weeks. After all that hard work and eating right? I even went through chocolate withdrawls, on purpose (ugh that sucked!).

Well he said my levels were high but we could lower the dose back to 200 and he insisted I try Meridia. He knew of my hesitation from our last visit, due to dealing with the phentermine. He reassured me that one was dangerous and this one is completely safe. Well I came home with the perscription for 4 months of the 10mg. I took my first one on July 1. Today is 5 days later, and I have minimal side effects (compared to the horrid ones others have) and I have lost 3.5 lbs in 5 days! HOLY COW! No wonder they say this stuff is addicting!

Well, this will really give me the jump start I need for my long term weight loss goal of 87 lbs. I want to thank Dr. F for talking me into this medicine. At least I know I CAN lose weight, even if I need the extra push.

Back to the gym tomorrow. Haven't worked out since July 1, because of the warnings of hypertension and tachycardia with this medicine. But I have been monitoring my pulse at home and daily it is staying right around 72-80, so I feel I am ready to get back in there and simply keep a watch on my pulse while working out. I also joined FitDay tonight so I could log my foods, activites, and hopefully talk to some great people in the same situation as I am. My name on there is myoutwardbeauty710 if you want to look me up. :) One day I will figure out what my link is so I can make it easier.

How exciting!!! Thank You Dr. F!!! That means I have lost a total of 8.5 lbs so far over the past 8 weeks! I'll take it!

to be continued...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Initial planning~

First of all my goals are many. Here are my top 10:

1.) I want to feel better inside and out.
2.) I want to look better.
3.) I am going on my honeymoon in December (of this year).
4.) I want to be a good role model for my children.
5.) I want to be able to RUN several 3K or 5K in 2011.
6.) I want to RUN a marathon by 2012.
7.) I want to continue cooking raw and eating healthy.
8.) I would love to become vegetarian again some day, at least partial.
9.) I want to pass on good habits such as eating raw and healthy foods, to my family.
10.) I want to be an inspiration to others.

I am sure I will add more, as I go on with my progress. But as of right now, I just want to get started and start showing signs of improvement.

April 1 2008, I decided enough was enough. I began eating healthy, and exercising almost every day. By September 2008, I had lost 60 lbs by myself. No stupid weight pills or suppliments, no gym, no nothing but hard work and determination, one day at a time. I have been fighting thyroid issues since 2000, and had my thyroid taken out Aug. 2006.

In September 2008, I went to the doctor and told him of my progress. He politely patted me on the knee and said, "let me help you" then gave me a perscription for phentermine. I started it the next day, and 7 days later, I had only slept 3 hours, and lost an additional 5 lbs. FORGET THAT. I couldn't handle being awake all the time anymore. Pounds lost or not! So I immediately stopped taking it and let the doctor know I was better off doing it myself. At least I felt normal when I was doing it myself.

Since that time, in September 2008, I haven't been able to lose any more weight at all. I have tried and tried. Come to find out, the phentermine completely shut down my metabolism, and I Have had nothing but trouble ever since.

Well, it has been a year and a half since then. Still no change. In fact, the varied numbers in my T3/T4 levels have been reaking havock on my system.

January 2010 I decided to join a gym and really work hard at it. For a month and a half, I worked out almost daily, with very little time off. I measured and weighed my first day. At the end of my month and a half, I weighed and measured and absolutely ZERO change.

My health story is on my other blog (1battleatatime) so I won't go into all of that here. Basically I gave up after a doctor told me I would never change no matter how hard I worked at it.

So here it is another 2 months and I haven't done much of anything to work at it. Well it is now June. My honeymoon is coming up in December, and I have GOT to make a change. I have recently started an herb garden and have started cooking raw, and it is nice. So since it is now the beginning of June, I am going to use this month as my "April 1st" and just go for it. No more junk food, lots of protein, very few carbs. But I can say this, I will not cut out any particular food, because it makes it too hard on anyone when there is an absolute of anything.

I am going to learn new detox recipes, and continue cooking healthy meals and snacks. I have all summer to really buckle down and work hard. I am going to school Monday through Thursday, and I will be going to the gym every day afterwards. So that will give me a permanent start for at least the months of June, July and the beginning of August. Then the 3rd wk in August I will begin going to 2 classes a day Monday through Thursday. Once again I will be going to the gym after class, since I will be up there anyway.

Today is my last day of plan making. I will measure in the morning and get started immediately. I will re-measure and weigh at the end of each monthly cycle.