Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Little History... well, not SO little... Part 9

Well I started my 5mcg of Liothyronine that Thursday. On Friday, I decided, since I am now on the right dose, and my body will be "allowed" to lose weight now, I am going to go join a gym. So I researched the local gyms and found one I liked. I went that very day and joined, and had a great 3 hour workout! Felt good to push myself, too. I measured myself, and weighed in (at home) for a great starting point to measure goals by.

I went daily, and worked out a minimum of 1 hour and a max of 3. I didn't take a day off for 2 weeks. Finally my friends told me I needed to take at least one day off every now and then or I would burn out. I agreed. Plus I noticed during the 2nd week, that I was getting winded quite quickly. As time passed, I noticed simply walking to the phone, or standing up folding laundry, I would get out of breath. By the 8th time someone asked me if I was running when I was on the phone (and I wasn't) I realized I must be having some sort of side effect to the T3. So, I went to the computer and read up on the side effects and sure enough, difficulty breathing is a definite side effect, as well as the mild "pulsating" headaches I was having.

I went back to Dr. M and told him about this and he said I needed to be on the 5mcg for a minimum of 4 weeks before he could do labs to have a true result. So I left, not knowing any more than I did when I went in, only carrying with me, orders for the labs in 2 weeks.

2 weeks came and went. So did 3 weeks. I was delaying having my labs done, but why? I think I just didn't want Dr. M to send me away for yet another 6 weeks, saying everything would be ok. My workouts had started going from 7 days a week upwards of 3 hours per workout, to 4-5 days a week for 1-1.5hours, mostly because I couldn't breathe properly and my heart would pound terribly during a workout and I was afraid of keeling over right there in the middle of the gym! My reps on the strength machines were becoming increasingly harder too, and I hated that.

March 23, 2010 I went to yet a new doctor, a true endocrinologist, Dr. S, thinking wow, this will be great! I can just use Dr. M for my primary care doctor and use Dr. S for my endo, right? (Dr. M was an O.D but had high feedback online from thyroid patients) I will finally have the answers I long for!!! I mean after all, I am not looking to be anorexic, or even 98 lbs again and I am most definitely not wanting any stupid weight loss pill... I just want to feel NORMAL for goodness sakes and maybe my exercise efforts pay off, well, at least a little! I measured on Sunday and weighed in and I have gained and I have increased by at least an inch. I was fed up and I was hoping that this doctor could at least give me some answers.

After once again giving my life history to him, and having him *scarcastic tone here* "draw out my thyroid and show me how it works" Dr. S bluntly told me that T3 doesn't work, none of his patients are on it, so stop taking it. Then he said something very interesting to me...

He said, and I quote, "Some people are simply destined to be overweight. You are one of those people. Don't go chasing mirages of ever being thing, because it won't happen. You need to live your life the way you are. But don't stop doing what you are doing because working out won't work for you in the physical sense, but it is working wonders for your cardiovascular system and keeping you from getting diabetes".


to be continued (in tears)...

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