Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Weight Loss Pill? Hmm...

Well I saw Dr. F today. He was incredible. I immediately felt comfortable when he walked into the room. I was very concerned about a particular thing which was bad on my part, but as soon as I saw him, I knew my concerns were unfounded.

Well Dr. F asked me some questions, and actually LISTENED! It was great! He did mention that it might be a good idea for me to go on Meridia. But I told him my concerns of any further weight pills, due to my experience with Phenteramine. He told me that Phen was very dangerous and that Meridia wasn't like that. Same family, yes, but much safer. Then he said, we needed to get updated labs done first, and IF my numbers were normal, he would call in some Meridia and try that for only 3 months, that it would give me a good jump start. He also said he wanted to check my sugar levels too, to make sure that I wasn't becoming diabetic. I was totally fine with that.

I went and got my labs done as soon as I left Dr F's office. I verified with the lab tech what was being checked and she said thyroid and sugars. I felt great at this point, knowing that this doctor might just be the one that will be able to help me. ;) I looked forward to the results the next day and to find out what Dr. F would end up doing.

I went home that night and researched Meridia. It seems to work on a lot of people, no doubt. But as soon as people stop taking it, they gain the weight back, and then some. I also read that people have headaches so bad they have to quit. And that it is very pricey and is not covered by insurance. So out of 2000 some odd reviews, those were the general concensus. I decided not to stress about it, and just see what happened the next day with my lab results.

...to be continued

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