Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Highest Dose Yet

I put in a call to Dr. F as requested, and let him know my labs had been done the day before. The receptionist took a message and told me they would call me back as soon as my results got to their office.

Within 2 hours (which seemed like 20) Dr. F's nurse called me. She told me that Dr. F wanted to push my Synthroid up to 225 and stay away from the Meridia for now until we can get my numbers to a more normal level. I agreed and she said she would call in the 225 right then so I could start it the next morning.

I have never been over 200 on Synthroid before and my only concern in my mind is that if you get higher than you need to be, your bones can become brittle and you have a much higher risk for osteoporosis.

I went the next morning and got the 225, and started it that day. So here we go, April 29, 2010, let's see what 225 does to my body! ugh

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