Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Kelp It Is

Well, I have been on 225 Synthroid now for almost a week. No irregular signs or symptoms other than the terrible sweating. But that could just as easily be from the weight gain. I am still not going to the gym. But I intend on going tomorrow to start up again, now that I have this new dosage in my system. Oh and this tired thing... when will I ever not be tired all the time? I wake up refreshed and ready to go, whether I have slept 3 hours or 6, or 10 for that matter, and within a few hours I am ready to hibernate. I am sick to death of being so darn tired... ugh! But again, that could be not only my thyroid levels being so low, but also the weight gain could have a big impact. :(  I will say that chronic fatigue is no fun.  "There is NO tired, like thyroid tired."

Anyway, I spoke with my RN friend today. She has a list of what I can and cannot eat for the peptic ulcer. I can't believe the things I cannot eat. CHICKEN? What is up with that? That is all I have been eating since I found out, was chicken and rice. So much for that. but I can eat a lot of berries, so that is good because I love fruits and veggies. In fact I used to be vegetarian, until I got married to my ex and then I became a semi-carnivore, but only for certain meats and not very often. I am highly considering going back to that lifestyle, it sure made me feel energetic and healthy and not so "heavy" in the mid-section.

She also recommended kelp. Preferrably raw, since vitamins are actually quite dangerous for you. She said they are over processed and if you take any vitamin on any given day, and put it on a pan in the oven, they will melt into black globs of goo. YUCK! no wonder I have stopped taking suppliments! Anyway, she told me that the kelp will help lower my thyroid numbers on labs. That her "naturalist" friend is almost off her Synthroid completely. However, I did ask her if her friend had a thyroid, and she said she does. I had to remind her I don't have one at all, so I may never be able to go off the meds completely, but I would love to lower my numbers and am willing to try anything.

So, kelp it is. She is going to bring the list of foods over, tomorrow hopefully, as well as the info on the Kelp. I am excited to get started. :)

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