Thursday, May 6, 2010

Peptic Update

Well I called my doctor (Dr P) today to find out what the correct items were that I could and could not eat, because I have been getting quite frustrated with all the opposing information found online and given to me by friends. 

His simple response was stay away from the 4 things that can thin your blood: Caffine, Cigarettes, Asprin and Alcohol. In reference to my eating, he told me to simply experiment. If I eat something that upsets my stomache, then write it down and don't eat that again. If I eat something that doesn't hurt my stomache, then write it down on my "can eat" list. 

Wow, could it be any easier via explanation? I guess the next thing to figure out is, if I eat a meal (like tonight I made a roast with veggies, and packets of powder gravy sauce stuff) and after I eat my tummy hurts, how do I narrow it down to what in that specific meal was the buggar that ended up hurting my stomache? 

Hey, at least I have a starting point, right? 

On to the next... be continued

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