Sunday, April 6, 2014

Falling Off The Wagon

Ok, so today, I begin again.  I took a week off, only juicing occasionally, and ended up going off the deep end, for real.  I had chinese food, and other naughty things, and ended up gaining 5 lbs lol, so I just wasn't ready to go back to "real" food yet.  I need to juice until I am satisfied with GOOD foods such as fruit, veggies and no carbs (gluten free, thats another story) is good enough for me.

SO.  I started again today.  I even have my hubby doing it with me this time.  I feel good today, surprisingly enough.  I think because my AM sugar was 97, compared to 1 week ago AM it was 116.  It is going down, and I am excited.  I did gain 1.5 inches back, too, so it really is not a good thing to eat gluten.  I had a bagel, several english muffins, etc over the week.  And I will tell you, once you go off gluten, your skin, hair, overall health/wellbeing is sooo much better (at least for me).  You don't really notice any changes, as far as OMG I SEE THE DIFFERENCE!... but I tell you this, the minute I started eating it again, I felt HORRID.  I mean it wasn't 20 minutes after my first batch of gluten, that I felt like I was going to throw up, for over an hour.  It was awful!  So what did I do?  I promised myself NEVER AGAIN.  But nooooo the very next day I had an english muffin (with vegan butter no less) and omg I felt horrid.  Every single time I ate gluten products, pasta, breads, etc) I felt like I had the flu.  So I definitely know that the gluten was the cause, because I never went back to dairy.  I will take that back, I went to see God's Not Dead with my children last weekend, and had popcorn with butter... big mistake I know... but I didn't feel too bad afterwards, not like when I eat gluten.  So I am DEFINITELY realizing that gluten and I don't get along, even though my doctor  said I didn't show signs of intolerance, with my one single blood test.  Plus I did gain 5 lbs back JUST from eating gluten products.  That is enough inspiration for me.

I have had enough testing... just to see if that was the cause, and sure enough it is.

Ok I have had a line of preparation today, with hubby washing  and cutting up carrots, cabbage, etc, my daughter washing grapes, kale, spinach, etc, and me washing and dicing bell peppers, and making runs to the store for gallon sized baggies, for storage, etc.  I am going to head back to the store for smaller containers though, these are too big.  Hubby wants to just make one juice to drink on all day long, but I don't know if he will get burnt out too soon that way or not.  I need variety.  Maybe he doesn't.  We shall see.

:)  Here's to day one... AGAIN!

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