Friday, January 3, 2014

Long Update. Armour Is Here!

Wow, a lot has happened in the past several years.  I will just jump forward, to the recent present... late 2013/ early 2014.  (I knew it had been a long time since I posted, but whoa, not several years!)

Sorry about that.

Ok, so back in 2013, my doctor left for another state, just after she got me on the "right" amount of Synthroid (200) for the moment.  I was on 220, but I started running (see previous blog), and she was able to lower it.  So I was stuck with whatever doctor replaced her.  I was personally glad it was going to be a female doctor, from a very well known University Hospital.  Little did I know, that this doctor was going to get my labs done, take a 5 minute look at me and say, sorry, we need to drop your Synthroid by 50mcg.  FIFTY MCG!  That is CRAZY!  I have NEVER had it that low!  She told me that I was now HYPERthyroid and I needed to get my numbers corrected, and that was what it was going to be, enough said.  My body was screaming at me NO NO NO!!!! But my stupid mind told me that I needed to listen to her, after all, she WAS an "amazing" doctor from a well known hospital.  Right?

With my new Rx I started the 150.  Within a week and a half, I was falling asleep at work, falling asleep at the drop of a hat, falling asleep behind the wheel of my CAR, and my hair was coming out in groves.  I called her and said I am not doing very well this is putting my life and the life of others in jeopardy!  She refused to budge, saying that was where I needed to be on my meds.  By week 3, I couldn't stay awake.  I was completely lethargic and was falling asleep standing up even.  It was scaring my children.  I called her again and she said, ok well if you MUST, we can move it up 25mcg to 175.  I said, and what, continue feeling horrible and letting life pass me by by SLEEPING?

I called her office the next day and told them I wanted every file from the time I started going there, including doctors notes from day one.  I also called Mayo that next day and applied to be seen.  I was accepted, and had an appointment for the week of Christmas.  They said I needed to be up there for about a week or so, to see all the doctors.  I had to do something.  I NEEDED to live!  I NEEDED to find a way to get my life back!  I got all of my files the following week and prepared to fill out all 300 sheets that Mayo Clinic sent me.  I found a hotel that was connected to Mayo and reserved a week there.  I also called and reserved a car to rent, since this was going to be about a 9 hour drive.... if we drove straight through.  My precious hubby said he would go with me.  What a trooper!  Who wants to go sit in a hotel for a week during Christmas anyway???  So it was all set.

I couldn't just sit there and wait for my appointment.  So once again, Dr. Google became my friend.  I had to start researching more, for myself and find out what it would take for me to lose weight and feel alive again, like when I was young.

I ran across Armour files once again.  What exactly IS Armour, I thought, and why in the world is this always running across my path?  I knew that mostly only hollistic and functional doctors would prescribe it...  as every doctor in my past refused to let me try it, because they can't "track" it as well as Synthroid.  Hmm.  So I got onto a few forums and talked in depth with people who were using it, and the results were astounding!!!

I realized that the first doctor I had seen, Dr. M, when I moved to this state, WAS a D.O.  So I immediately made an appointment.  He told me first of all that my "hyperthyroid" result was a complete fluke.  He said I would have NEVER been hyper and for her to cut off my Synthroid in that amount was absolutely wrong.  He agreed with me that there was no way I could function normally, given I don't even have a thyroid.  That amount was entirely too low.  He then told me about T3.  He had mentioned it in the past, several years prior, but I was SURE I had to have an Endocrinologist for a doctor, so I left Dr. M to try to find my answers (and I mentioned my journey in the previous blogs... so yeah, how did that work out for me???)   Ugh.

Dr M. said that he would like to try me on Armour.  I was THRILLED to hear this, as I hadn't mentioned it to him, I just wanted to see what he would say and then I would mention it to him before I left, also to see what he would say.  I took him up on the offer IMMEDIATELY and hugged him and thanked him, just praying that this would make me feel better!  He wrote an Rx for 120grain, but I was to take 60 grain along with 1 of my two Synthroids.  So basically 100mcg Synthroid and 60 grain (100mcg) Armour for a week, to help me wean off the Synthroid completely.  Then after the week, stop the Synthroid and take two Armour (120grain) from there on out until my appointment.

I noticed the effects within the first 4 weeks.  I was no longer having highs and lows... I was no longer having those happy and sad moments.  My mood was stable.  My overall well being was in a straight line finally, as opposed to the previous roller coaster type lines.  I felt stable for the first time since, well, forever!

I went back to him in 6 weeks and he took some more labs.   He said my T4 never looked better, and my T3 was on the high end of normal, but that was a good thing for me, he said.  He told me I am right where I need to be.  SO after another several weeks, I called and set an appointment with him, for a sports physical.

I felt good enough, that I decided I was going to run a half marathon in 2014, despite my weight. FOUR in fact!!!  FOUR IN FOURTEEN!!! (see previous blog)

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