Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Running And Apologies

I stopped blogging.  I did.  I felt defeated.  After my last post, I had 3 more doctors tell me I would never lose weight.  Including the Head of Endocrinology at a very well known hospital.  I started believing them.  I had heard it a lot, from DOCTORS.  If you hear something enough, you start believing it.  I felt defeated, and I gave up.

Then in September of 2011 I got Diagnose #4 : Type 2 Diabetes.  What a devastating blow.  I have worked so hard, and that is what I end up with.  So I just stopped blogging.  And really stopped living.  I gave up.  And that is not me.  That is not who I am or what I am about.

So in early 2012, I said ENOUGH.  (again, because I have my moment then I pick myself up by the boot straps and start again).  So in July, I did my first mud run.  From that moment, I was hooked.  I will say, that by August of 2012, I was in complete remission of Type 2 Diabetes.  Dr. M said the running was definitely helping, so don't stop what I am doing, even though I am still not losing weight (in fact I gain weight after each race).

Here are the races I did, since my last post, to present:

2012 RACES
Mudathlon 7/2012

Healthy Hustle 5K 7/2012

5K Fun Run 8/2012
(will find a photo to post)

Run Dirty 5K 8/2012

Popcorn Panic 5K 8/2012

Pretty Muddy 5K 9/2012

5K Walk to Cure Diabetes 9/2012

World Run Day Participation 11/12
(will find photo to post)

2013 RACES
Valentine 5K 2/2013

Brooks Run Happy 5K 2/2013

Tough Mudder 5/2013

Run or Dye 5K 5/2013

Color in Motion 5K 6/2013

M4M 5K 6/2013

Logan's Run 10K 8/2013

Mudathlon 8/2013

SDR 5K 9/2013

Race 5 Miler 8/2013

Warrior Dash 8/2013

Pretty Muddy 9/2013

Women Rock 10K 9/2013

FLAG 10K 10/2013

Monster Dash 10K 10/2013

MR 5K 10/2013

Hot Chocolate 15K 11/2013

So as you can see, I have been working really hard to get healthy.  But still... I just don't have that overall sense of feeling "normal".  Maybe one day.

I will keep fighting!  :)

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